Welcome to Universal College UK! We are a leading further and higher education blended learning institution offering affordable, flexible convenient and fast-track worldwide recognised and accredited courses and qualifications. Our courses are offered through face to face classroom and work based learning as well as correspondence and online distance learning. We offer a wide range of qualifications in various fields of study such as Assessor & Verifier, Business Management and Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Health & Social Care, Human Resource Management, Languages, Law, Marketing, MBA, Teacher Training, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Our Courses range from Awards, Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters Degrees & MBAs Please contact us at info@universalcollege.uk for further information. You can start your course any time during the year and you can do your course anywhere in the world at your own convenience. You have made the best choice in your life by choosing Universal College and we guarantee you that this step you have taken at this moment will never be regretted.We look forward to receiving you at Universal College UK!